Friday, March 27, 2020

March 27

Good Afternoon,

Please read the latest update from Mr. Cap on our school website.

Have a wonderful Spring Break, I will be back online with everyone on Monday, April 6 2020

Keep well!!

Ms. Natashia Viselli

March 27 - FRENCH

Good Morning!

Thank you again for your menu submissions, they look wonderful!

I hope you have been enjoying working through the 'Ma Maison' work. After Spring Break I will assign an extension assignment  - enjoy your week "off" 🙂

Mme. Viselli 

March 27

Good Morning everyone and Happy Friday! 😁

I would like to thank you all, parents and students for your patience, determination and hard work during this first week of 'distance education' as it were. Although unconventional, we are pulling together and I could not be happier for the shared support in this.

Your assignments from this week are to be submitted by Sunday  evening and then you have a week of no lessons from me! Just a hint though, reading a novel over the break wouldn't be such a bad idea ... a little birdie told me it may help with an upcoming ELA assignment...*hint hint *

Thank you again for working so well with me during this adventure - we're in this together!

And now...time for another joke

Keep well everyone, enjoy Spring Break!!


Ms. Natashia Viselli 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

March 26

Good Morning, 

Here's a little something to make you smile, this is a runner up for your T.U.S.C. "dad jokes" 😁

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March 25 - memo

Good Afternoon, 

Here is a memo from Mr. Cap with resources for Covid-19

March 25 - Grade 5 French

Good Morning,

As I was unable to load the complete file, here are the pages that mad up the mini unit. Your child can print them off or recreate them as they see fit.
As stated in the previous post, this does not all need to be completed before Spring Break, but the week after the break I will give an assignment extension based on this work.

Keep well!

Mme Viselli

March 25 - Grade 5 French

Good Morning

Thank you to those who have begun submitting their menu assignments in, I look forward to reading them!  Upon our return to school, please bring in the hard copy that you created and we will present them.

We are going to begin new unit which focuses on 'la maison' - all about our house.

I appreciate that the main focus on learning French is the oral component. I am going to include a few songs from YouTube that are fun ways to practice pronunciation. I would also encourage your child to take advantage of the internet - have them type the word in French and utilize the speaker component, have them listen to the words repeatedly.

Attached is mini-unit plan about 'la maison'.  Our first week of no school is nearly done and work will not be assigned over Spring Break.  This most certainly does not need to be completed by Friday as their is a good amount.  I strongly recommend taking time to practice the flash cards that will be made as part of the assignments.  I will give an extension to this mini-unit on the week after Spring Break.

Keep well everyone!

Mme. Visell

La Maison - song
Parts of the House - song
La Maison - Rhyme - song - spoken vocabulary

The following blog will have the mini-unit.